Bowling Club Etiquette

Etiquette is simply good manners, treating others with respect and consideration at all times. Always be on time and ready to start, dress correctly, shoes clean, measure, chalk, coin, etc.

Never walk up the green in front of a player on the mat.

Walk in the centre of your rink when changing ends-don’t stop. Stay at head if consultation is necessary.

Be on good terms with opponent.

Always be ready to take your turn on the mat.

Always encourage-never criticize.

Be ready to help opponent with a long measure.

Just prior to delivery of your bowl, make sure that the path is clear, check the next rink in case a player is about to deliver their bowls. Do not talk or move about (if on the head) when a member of your team or the opposition is about to deliver their bowl.

Place the skips bowl on the mat prior to changeover.

Take an interest in the game-follow how the head is building up.

Do not walk around talking to other players on the green, they might not be interested, especially if they are concentrating on their own game.

Remember it is only a game and must be played in the best spirit of the game, this does not mean you should not have the determination to win.

If beaten, take it sportingly-congratulate the winner and really mean it.

Skips – all eyes are on you, do not become engrossed in conversation with the opposing Skip showing lack of interest in the game.

Only the No. 2 in triples and No. 3 in a fours game is responsible for measuring,

Let them do their job, do not crowd them.

Warn players on adjoining-rinks that a drive is about to be played on your rink with the risk of disturbing bowls on their head. Endeavour to prevent this happening by guarding the side boundaries.

There is no need for improper language. It is out of place on a bowling green.

Do your share of marking for singles matches as you will appreciate it when someone marks for you.

Thank the marker after a match-also thank the umpire after they have given a decision.

At the end of a game shake hands with the opponents.