Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy

Policy Statement

Membership in the Bowls Alberta (BA) Association and participation in its activities brings with it many benefits and privileges that are balanced by an individual’s responsibilities and obligations. This policy defines the parameters and identifies a standard of behaviors that is expected of all individuals and is consistent with BA’s core values. BA supports equal opportunity, prohibits discriminatory practices, and is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and fairness. Conduct that violates this Code of Conduct and Ethics policy may be subject to sanctions pursuant to BA’s Discipline and Complaints Policy.

1. The following terms will have these meanings in this policy:
Bowls Alberta (BA) including its Board of Directors, Committee Members, Staff, Officials and any appointed representatives.
Individuals – all participants (affiliated members) engaged in BA activities, including but not limited to athletes /players, coaches, directors, officials, administrators, volunteers and spectators.
Event – Any competition, course, workshop or sanctioned activity supported and endorsed by the BA.

Application of this Policy

2. This policy applies to an Individual’s conduct that may arise during BA’s events, including but not
limited to, office environment, meetings, and all BA events.

3. This policy applies to conduct that may occur outside of BA’s events when such conduct adversely
affects relationships within BA’s work and sport environment and is detrimental to the image and
reputation of the BA.

4. This policy provides authority to officials during competitions to eject an Individual who violates this
Code from the competition and/or the playing area and the official may delay the
competition until the Individual complies with the ejection.

5. This Code also applies to Individuals’ conduct outside of BA’s business, activities and events when such conduct adversely affects relationships within BA, and its sports environment, and is detrimental to the image and reputation of BA. Such applicability will be determined by BA at is sole discretion.

6. All Individuals have a responsibility to:
    a) Maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of all BA Individuals and other                         participants by:

  i. Demonstrating the highest standards of respect to individuals regardless of body type,             physical characteristics, athletic ability, gender, ancestry, color, ethnic or racial origin,                   nationality, national

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      Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy                                                  approved June 2020


origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, religious belief, political belief, disability, economic status or any other reason;

  ii. Focusing comments or criticism appropriately and avoiding public criticism of Individuals;

  iii. Consistently demonstrating the spirit of sportsmanship, sports leadership and ethical                conduct;

  iv. Acting, when appropriate, to correct or prevent practices that are unjustly discriminatory;
  v. Consistently treating individuals fairly, reasonably and;
  vi. Ensuring adherence to the laws of the sport and the spirit of those rules.

b) Refrain from any behavior that constitutes harassment; refer to the BA Harassment Policy         for further details.

c) Refrain from any behavior that constitutes sexual harassment or abuse; refer to the BA             abuse Policy and the BA Harassment Policy for further details.

d) Refrain from the use of power or authority in an attempt to coerce another person to engage     in inappropriate activities.

e) Refrain from consuming tobacco, alcohol, or cannabis products in non-designated areas           while participating in BA or BCB’s programs, activities, competitions or events.

f) In the case of minors, refrain from possessing or consuming alcohol or cannabis at any BA      or BCB competition or event. In the case of adults, take reasonable steps to manage the         responsible consumption of alcohol and cannabis in adult oriented social situations                   associated with BA and BCB’s events.

g) Abstain from the non-medical use, control or possession of illegal drugs or performance-         enhancing drugs or methods.

h) Refrain from engaging in deliberate cheating which is intended to manipulate the outcome      of a competition and/or not offer or receive any bribe which is intended to manipulate the         outcome of a competition.

i) Comply, at all times, with the bylaws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the BA,      as adopted and amended from time to time.

j) Rely upon and utilize the appeal procedure (as outlined in the BA Appeal Policy) to resolve     any issues, rulings complaints or conflicts that may arise during any competition and to            exhaust all such appeal procedures before making public any disputed issues, ruling,               complaints or conflicts.

In addition to the above there are expectations and obligations placed upon BA Board and Committee Members, Coaches, Officials, and Individuals that represent BA at a National, International or Invitational Sanctioned Competition. For specific details see the relevant Handbooks.

7. The BA Board of Directors, or their appointed representatives, have the authority to begin       disciplinary action against any individual who does not adhere to aspects of this policy. For       specifics on action steps see the BA Discipline & Complaints Policy.

8. An individual may appeal a disciplinary action following the steps outlined in the BA Appeal    Policy.

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  Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy                                                                 Approved 2020