Edmonton Indoor Lawn Bowling Club, Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton Indoor Lawn Bowling Club

Leduc Recreation Center

Rachel at the Leduc Rec Center has scheduled DROP IN times for Lawn Bowling for the Summer.

  • May 18/25
  • June 15/22/29
  • July 6/13/20/27
  • August 10/17/24/31

                 Thursdays from 1:30-3pm.

All equipment is provided.  Please wear clean indoor running shoes with flat soles.

Contact Rachel at: 780.980.8406/rclark@leduc.ca

leduc Recreation Center

Due to tournament bookings and other special events, lawn bowling may experience schedule changes and/or cancellations.  Please visit live.leduc.ca for up to date scheduling information

fund raising the most enjoyable way

In celebration of Howard Davison’s commitment to Youth lawn bowls, Jubilations concocted a delicious drink the proceeds from which will be donated to help develop our young players. A group of bowlers attended the performance at Jubilations and, of course, tried out the drink.


“Safe Sport” provides a framework to ensure that everyone
in the sport of lawn bowls is able to enjoy the sport.


Lawn Bowls has a few variations

The video is an example of a fantastic shot played on an indoor (portable) rink.

The shot was made by Nick Brett, one of the top players in the UK.  It was at the Potters Resort, Norfolk during the yearly WBA 20 day tournament, January 2021.

the 3 bowls with the white dot indicates that they touched the jack before coming to rest.

How Does It Work?

As the diagram shows, the bowls (called woods in the UK) do not run in a straight line.  So, to get to the “jack” (the little white dot) the bowl must have two elements.
1. The correct line.  ie the aiming point and delivery the bowler chose is correct.
2. The correct weight.  ie the bowler has used the required force. 

Put those two together consistently and you’ll soon be facing off against Nick Brett!

Lawn Bowls is closer to curling than it is to 5 or 10 pin bowling.

Feel free to contact us via the form below.