Edmonton Indoor Lawn Bowling Club, Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton Indoor Lawn Bowling Club

edmonton soccer center
17415 106 ave nw
t5s 1m7
monday: 10 am to 12 noon
Wednesday: 10 am to 12 noon
Edmonton Soccer center
6520 Roper Road
T6B 3K8
Wednesday: 10 am TO 12 noon
Friday: 10 AM TO 12 NOON
Edmonton Soccer Center
12720 Victoria Trail
T5A 5G4
Tuesday 10 AM TO 12 Noon
Thursday 10 AM TO 12 Noon

Last day of bowling  is Thursday, Nov 26 at East. No bowling for 3 weeks From Friday 27 Nov.

Should you wish to join, or get more information, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.  The person who will contact you will be able to give you all the information on joining the Indoor Club, liability waiver form and the Covid-19 protocols required by the Soccer Centers.

Bowls is the simplest of all ball games. If you can roll a ball, you can play bowls. The ball itself is the only artifice… after that, it’s all hand and eye. Roll the ball in the right direction and at the right speed every time and you’ll win every game you play.

The video is from the 2020 World Indoor Bowls Tournament held at Potters Resort (Hopton-on-Sea) in England.  The bowlers are members of the Professional Bowls Association.  The tournament is open to PBA members from around the world and runs for 3 weeks in January.

What Does Lawn Bowls Involve?

Lawn bowls is a game of concentration, precision and accuracy and involves rolling biased or irregular balls as close as possible to a white ball called the Jack. It has been a popular sport in the UK for centuries and there are thousands of bowls clubs up and down the country. As the sport does not involve periods of prolonged and intense activity, it can be played by pretty much anyone. The game is either taken up as a social activity – strictly for leisure – or it can also be played at competition level, for those who want to give themselves more of a challenge.

Here are some of the benefits:

Fitness: Lawn bowls helps moderately improve muscle strength (arm, shoulder, leg muscles), flexibility and endurance.

Mental Health: “The game gets you out into the fresh air and helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

Increases Skills: Bowls involves some element of problem solving skills and also helps improve co-ordination and concentration

Improves Confidence: Participating in a sport helps improve self-esteem and gets you out and about and meeting people.

Self-Discipline: Sports such as lawn bowls involves turning up on time and being organized.

Social Interaction: Lawn bowls helps improve social skills and being part of a team also gives you a sense of belonging.


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